Smooth Rollin'

by JCrawf79

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Getting back to composing with chord progressions. I started with what I call a master key of the progressions that are 8 bars in length, in common 4/4 time and in the key of A Major. Each bar is a new chord in the progression, but the mix of arpeggio in the bass, and later in the trombone brass hits, then still further on in the trumpet melody, helps it be more than just a matter of plucking the chords. But you can hear the progression, and thus the cadence of the piece, which is a bit on the repetitive side. This is mainly the core composition, which started as the counterpoint found in the piano, which plays everything that is later put into the brass and acoustic bass parts. The drums were a later development, which helps part from the more classical sound of the counterpoint, and thus jazzes thing up a bit. It could be worked into a piece for improvisation over, which could be fun in a live performance, or something. For now, it's really more of getting back into making movement pieces, maybe in hopes of creating something more substantial, though probably not anything that will transpire until maybe next year, depending on time and circumstances. But, at least starting to progress in movements again.


released December 6, 2016
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